In this blog i am going to explain what social media is all bout and everything to do with it.

I know what you are thinking, how boring another topic about social media!!  but you are wrong. That’s what i used to think but, now that i understand the whole concept of it I absolutely love it. And, to be honest i can not seem to get enough of it.

You can not actually define social media without getting technical, you can on other hand break  the words down. (It helped me to understand) Every human being needs to interact with others, right? For example: Having a conversation with a friend, that is being social. Reading a newspaper, listening to radio,watching T.V, all that is Media. In those examples you can not give your thought on the matter, you have to keep them to yourself basically.

So, Social Media is SOCIAL and MEDIA both combined and you can communicate too. So for example, let’s say you are on the internet and you are reading my blog and want to give your opinion on the topic and we engage, that is Social Media.

I can tell you once you start you never want to stop, ask me I know.