An inspiration is someone or something that inspires. That is what I am going to write about today.

Daniela Bascelli, I am truly thankful to you, you taught me how to be a woman, you brought us home, you introduced me to social media. There is nothing that I will ever do to repay everything you have tought me..

Daniela Bascelli is the MD at platinumvfp a company which she stated 2 years ago. I personally love platinum and everything it stands for. I have never seen anybody work like her, seriously I mean who do you know that can send 19 emails in one hour? We spent 48 hours to get our website up but, with  cadbury’s and 6 cups of coffee, we did it. (

I think many people in the social media world can learn a lot from her. Never have I seen anybody do something with such passion. She is determined in everything she does and mostly a perfectionists.

Daniela, thank you for being you, never change for anybody. Never have I seen a woman that can do what you do on the internet, never give up. Platinum is flourishing and will continue to grow all thanks to you.

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